Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Or: Executive Decision (also the name of my new band). 

I was so looking forward to this evening.  It's the first night off I've had in a while and I was relishing the thought of just hanging at home, chilling out, maybe reading a little. But that didn't happen. I spent 4 hours feverishly making flipping postcard collages.  I was churning them out like it was my JOB. Ugh.

I have also had to look at this for the last two weeks: 

Plus, there are books I want to read.  Things I want to write.  This is just not working out.

So, I have made the decision to change course and try to ENJOY what I'm creating.  I am going back to my original concept.  Following a couple of friends on various adventures.  They are hams and looking forward to it.  They did not enjoy the mess in the main living area either.

Messrs. Periwinkle and Puffnoodle look forward to getting off the shelf.

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  1. I can completely identify with your feeling like this project is becoming a J-O-B. I am wrestling with that emotion myself, to the point where looking for potential projects finds its way into most of my day. I'm looking forward to the adventures of the Messrs! :)