Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food I Made. One.

This isn't officially on my 365 duty board, but I tend to take pictures of food I make.  You know, when it's pretty and turns out nice and all. Plus, I love my plates. 

Last night for dinner [before my mad dash of postcarding began], I made some lentils, kale, brussels sprouts, and eggplant for dinner and put a picture of it on Facebook.  Like you do.

Today at lunch, I decided I HAD to have sauteed onions, so I cooked some of those up along with some garlic.  Then I threw some nooch in the pan and fried up a few blocks of tofu. I pulled out my leftovers and was ready to assemble: 

And voila, baby!  I delicious plate-licking-good lunch.  Which I immediately followed up with Oreos and a Diet Coke from the vending machine at work.   

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