Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Messrs. P had a much better time at the theatre tonight.  They got to play around in the make-up drawer and hang out with the fellas.  They are a little over-excited at the moment, but that's nothing a hot toddy and a half a Xanax won't cure.

"Oh, Mr. P - this really opens up your eyes!"

"You should use it only on the upper lids.  It takes focus from those under-eye bags."
"Oh, for mercy's sake, they're not that bad.  Now, come out of there, please."

"Really, Mr. P - are you trying to kill me?  Oh, my innards..."

"We surrender! (Mr. P, do get up - I don't think he's buying it!)"

"Ah, yes - just another little twirl....extraordinary!"

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  1. You REALLY should keep them away from the guns!