Monday, April 4, 2011


My dear friend, Lori, came all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to see the show I'm doing [Assassins, running through April 16, 2011 at Trustus Theatre].  We met our dear friend, Paul for lunch and a short tour of 5 Points (where Lori used to live and work, back in the day). 

First stop was Blue Cactus.  I got my usual: Be Bim Bop with tofu, no egg. 

"Please, Mr. P - easy on the hot sauce.  You know I have a delicate constitution!"

We then went to The Joyful Alternative (aka Starbucks) for coffees and teas.  Feeling nice and caffeinated, we then went to Delaney's for a nice, afternoon beer.

"Oh, really, Mr. P - you just can't hold your liquor!"

 Lori and I then topped off our afternoon with yummy chocolate from The Gourmet Shop (bonus: seeing lovely friends Nate and G. Scott there!).  Needless to say, the Messrs. did not make it to the theatre on Saturday.


  1. Be Bim Bop is my FAAAAAAVORITE!!!!! (also tofu, no egg)

    I have to say, I am loving the Messrs. :)

  2. Glad you like the little guys. They're fun! We must go to Blue Cactus sometime and Be Bim Bop together!