Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twenty two.

So, I killed two blogs with one stone tonight and brought the Messrs. P to the bookstore to look at sexy books.

"Please, Mr. P - not so close!  You'll ruin your eyes!"

[Uncomfortable silence.]  [Whispering.]
After the bookstore, we headed upstairs to see Jerry & Jim at the Columbia Children's Theatre.  They were having a dress rehearsal for Robin Hood and we got to watch for a bit.

"I agree, Mr. P.  I mean is that Sherwood Forest or the Dreamy Man Factory?"
There are still some sounds I'm not real comfortable with coming from the other room.  But, at least they're having a good time.  I mean, I think they are.  I should probably check to make sure there's not a 127 Hours situation going on in there.....


  1. "You'll ruin your eyes." HA! I laughed out loud at that one.

  2. HA! It was so great to finally meet the Messrs in person...I'm so glad you brought them by! :)