Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty five.

After playing with guns, The Messrs. went to a fundraiser at the Hunter-Gatherer brew pub.  These nice folks that work there decided they wanted to do something for the SC Arts Commission, so they got their friends to donate cool stuff for an auction, had a very handsome cowboy auction things off, and then a super-cool band played (not Sex Bob-omb, but still pretty cool).  All that for $5!  As a bonus, the Messrs. got to hang out with some awesome folks.

"Hm.  Corn chips and some schmutz on a fork.  They are classy here, aren't they, Mr. P?"

"Who does one have to snog to get a drink 'round here?"

"Thanks, Miss Becky!"

"Piffle!  That's not brown liquor!  But who am I to be discourteous?"

"Mr. P, do get your face out of that glass of devil-water!"

"Oh dear, Mr. P - I'm afraid they've captured me!  Damn you, devil-water booby trap!"

1 comment:

  1. Coffee would have flowed from my nostrils upon reading the first caption, had I been drinking it at the moment I read it. The day will be downhill from here.