Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twenty six.

Oh, the night went on into the morning on Saturday.  The Messrs. continued to have fun.  Well, mostly fun.....

"For heaven's sake, why do they persist in putting us in here?  Please get me out, Mr. P!"

"Oh, now this is much better.  He can put us wherever he wants, Mr. P!"

[shocked and delighted silence]

"Oh dear, Mr. P - that one in the green appears to be a bit in her cups!"

"Never fear m'lady!  The Messrs. P will be squiring you home!"

"Alright, alright - we surrender!  Drive yourself, for heaven's sake!  Oh, Mr. P - I will never understand these women's libbers"

There are some other pictures that are not fit to put up on this blog.  Suffice it to say, I have gracious plenty blackmail material.....

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