Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thirty three.

"Yes, Mr. P, that is a preferable location to where you usually end up but do please come down from there before I chew off a limb due to anxiety!"

"Good Lord, Mr. P - meat and cheese!  Gorge yourself, man! We don't know when we'll be this close to a deli tray again!"

"Will not expel meat and cheese....will not expel meat and cheese...."

"Oh, hello, Peck - so nice to meet you!  Care for a fag?  Ah-hahahaha!"

Doing a Shit I Shot It shot. 
"Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble Daniel Radcliffe after a Shot I Shit It Shot? I mean....wait...."

"Now, where has that small Harry Potter fellow gone to.  Mr. P, do get up and help me look!"

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