Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twenty nine.

Fireside chat night!  Tonight, The Messrs. met up with Jim and Gary at Speakeasy to share creations and celebrate the fast-approaching one-month mark of the project.  They met some new friends, got a little frightened a couple times, but came away a lot inspired to keep creating.  Yay, teamwork!

"You know how a pinwheel works, don't you, Mr. P?  You just put your lips together.....and blow."
"No peeking, Mr. P!  He'll show us when he's ready!"

"Aaaagghh!  Good Lord, what is that?  Put it back!  Put it back in the box!!!!"
"Don't worry - we'll save you!  One, two three - blow!  One, two, three - blow!"

"Oh, now the robot, I like, Mr. P.  'Binary solo: 0000111100101010111111'. "

"Pssst!  PSSSTT! Mr. P, please stop talking to that green thing and rescue me from this blue-eyed monster!"

Mr. P winds up in the good group at the party.  As usual.

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